Photos of Cedar Rapids Wanted

In September of 2020, artist John Fleming and the City of Cedar Rapids will install Portraits of Iowa inside the Cedar Rapids U.S. Cellular Center. We are looking for photos to be suspended within the sculpture, photos that capture the essence of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities.

Please scroll down for more information about the sculpture and how to participate as a photographer.

How to submit

You may submit up to 5 photos, here in this green box.

Upload color jpg’s, 2MB max per image. Please, no closeups of people. If we receive an over-abundance of images, we apologize in advance if one of yours is not selected.

Submissions will be accepted until July 10th.

Upload Files

Portraits of Iowa at night
Photos suspended inside the Lantern
In the final installation, the portraits may rotate around their suspension cables. At night, the whole array will be illuminated by a color-changing LED lighting system.
The suspended sculpture will be composed of 300 dichroic prisms and 340 portraits of Iowa printed on a acrylic sheets.
The sculpture will feature 340 photographs of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities.

We are looking for photographs that offer a local’s perspective— anything that might suggest the essence of Cedar Rapids, or of Iowa.
Rather than the overly beautiful tourist photos that fill brochures and marketing materials, we’re looking for everyday, ordinary, real places and things.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or own a special camera. A smartphone will work just fine, perhaps even better.
Go for a walk in your neighborhood and start taking pictures!


Please contact Sylvia Brueckert:
Planner, Community Development & Planning Department of the City of Cedar Rapids

Office: 319-286-5428

Gallery exhibition

In addition to our installation inside the U.S. Cellular Center, we’d like to assemble a gallery show with all 340 portraits.

At the very least, considering the current times, we’ll put together a virtual exhibition online.

About the Artist

John Fleming is a nationally recognized artist living in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys working closely with local communities to create site-specific installations that evoke a sense of place.
To see more of his work, please visit

Don’t worry about formatting
Once we choose all the images for our collection, we will crop and adjust them so they work together in the 36-foot-tall sculpture. Each photo will be printed onto clear acrylic sheets varying in size from 8 to 18 inches.